August 24th, 2014 | James ©2014 | 1 Comment

Ready for another great duck hunting season, the count down is on!

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  1. Matt Corum says:

    I think I’m getting duck fever and it’s just around the corner. TJ and I ( Matt Corum ) have been getting every thing ready for a good new Season. I have been helping TJ Petty guide for the past 4 years. We are a great team and we are all about making our guests happy and haveing a great experience at Reelfoot hunting ducks. I’m The cook in the blind i promise you that what I cook for the guest is going to be some of the best food you have ever ate. We serve 2 meals per day includes drinks,snack cakes and all kinds of nicnacs. The blind is heated so it’s not really cold unless it’s one of them really cold days so. TJ and I have a good routine when it comes to calling In the ducks

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